Three things to do now if you plan to sell this year in Meaford or Thornbury

Make essential repairs

Most buyers want a home they can move into right away, without having to make extensive repairs. While the repairs may or may not add value, making them will give your home a competitive advantage over other similar homes on the market.

Get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A CMA not only gives you the current market value of your home, it’ll also show how your home compares to others in the area. This will help us price your home to sell in the Meaford and Thornbury real estate market. Give me a call for your free CMA.

Start packing

Don’t worry. I don’t meant to rush you. Help your buyers see themselves in your home by packing up items you don’t use regularly and storing them in an attic or a storage space. This will make your home easier to stage as well as make it easier to move later on.

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